Selection Script for Unity3D

This script is royalty free; you can use it for whatever you want to. What it does is when you click an object, the object is highlighted. When you click on it again, the object is un-highlighted, back to normal.

Just copy and paste this script into your JavaScript in Unity. Then attach the script to any visible object in your scene, including 3d text.

Here it is:

// Declare our variables...

var selectedColor : Color = Color(0.2, 0.3, 0.4); //This will give us a color wheel to choose a color from.
private var isSelected : boolean = false; // Simple boolean variable. Can be either true or false.

// Okay, now for the functions.
// The function OnMouseDown means to only do whats in the function when the user clicks the mouse.

function OnMouseDown ()
//isSelected = isNotSelected...
isSelected = !isSelected;

// If it's unselected, make sure the material color is white.
if (!isSelected) {
renderer.material.color = Color.white;


// If it's selected, change the material color to the selectedColor.
if (isSelected) {
renderer.material.color = selectedColor;



// Feel free to use this script in commercial or non-commercial purposes.
// My name in the credits somewhere would be appreciated, though.


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Moving Objects Through Scripting in Unity3D

You can make objects move in Unity3D without animating them. Use JavaScript! Or C#, but for right now I’m going to show you how to do it with JavaScript. That’s what most Unity developers use.

So, first create a new JavaScript and open it up. Type this in it: (don’t copy and paste, you won’t learn)

function Update () {
transform.Rotate (1,0,0);

Save that, and attach it to a GameObject. Play the game, and you will see that whatever object you have attached the script to will be rotating in the x axis. The speed of this rotation is dependent upon the frame per second of your game. So if you have a really fast computer, the object will probably be spinning quite fast.

A few tips:

Transform means location or position.
transform.Rotate means rotate the position.
That (1,0,0) means rotate in the x axis; not y, not z.
Don’t forget the semi colon at the end of line 2.

So how about we make the object rotate at a fixed speed? That’s easy enough. Type this up:

var rotateSpeed: int=4;

function Update () {

A few tips:

var means variable
int means integer
Time.deltaTime means, basically, time.
Multiply that by our variable, rotateSpeed (use the asterisk)

Make sure you save and update the script and all that and that, and you’re ready to go! If you want to change the axis of rotation, change Vector3.right to Vector3.up or Vector3.left or whatever.


Maya vs 3ds Max

Which is better? Autodesk Maya or Autodesk 3ds Max?

I’m really not going to go into depth here; there are many comparisons of the two softwares already out there.

Personally, I wish Autodesk would just merge the two programs. They are basically the same. And they are, slowly. Autodesk Maya 2013 has some features from MotionBuilder, Mudbox, and 3ds Max built into it now.

They are both extremely powerful programs. I would not recommend any other 3d modeling software, besides Blender 3D, and I would only say to use Blender when it involves money or licensing. Blender is free, powerful, open source, and there are many tutorials online if you want to learn how to use it.

If you are only going to use Maya or 3ds Max for non-commercial or personal use, you can download the student version at Or, you can download free trials to find out which one works for you. That’s my suggestion. Download and install the trials, try them both, and see what you like. Then, if you plan on using it for commercial purposes, go ahead and buy whichever you choose. Note: It will cost a few thousand dollars.

That’s all for now!

Corona SDK : My Random Thoughts

Corona SDK is pretty neat. It’s inexpensive. It’s easy to learn. But one extra feature would be great:

A user interface in which I could drag and drop images onto my app preview and place them where I want to, then set certain general setting for that object. Corona SDK is all scripting. That’s not too cool.

Overall Corona SDK is great for developing apps for iOS or Android, for only $150 bucks. Of course, publishing for iOS requires a Mac.

Corona SDK is only 2D. Which is fine, really just fine.

Did you know the word corona means “crown”? Well, it does.

Have you ever seen Bubble Ball? Google it. Made with Corona SDK.

That’s all my rambling for now.

Corona (software development kit)

Setting up a Skybox in Unity

Putting a sky into your game inside of Unity 3 is super simple. Click Edit> Render Settings in the upper menu. Choose a skybox material from your project folder and boom, done. Now if you don’t have any skyboxes, right click in your Project¬†window¬†and click Import Package and then choose Skyboxes. If your sky has weird white dotted lines in it, reimport your textures and materials. Thanks for reading!

Review: Mixamo

Mixamo. Animation in seconds. Free auto rigging with control rig. Character generating. All in your browser. This is the stuff we have all been waiting for and it is here.

Rigging can be such a pain, can’t it? I’ll tell you from experience it certainly can be. And even if it isn’t a pain, it still takes forever. You’ve got to create the rig, bind it, paint the skin weights, and more. But what if you could go from model to rigged model in about sixty seconds, and for free.

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Review: Digital Tutors

Digital Tutors is fantastic. With thousands of high quality video tutorials, it is the best place for learning how to make computer graphics and digital art. It does not have much tutorials for any game engines other than Unity3D, but that is balanced by the fact that there are over a thousand tuts for Autodesk Maya alone. Tutorial files are also available.

One thing I really like about DT is that they don’t host their videos on sites like YouTube or Vimeo or whatever. They have the videos on their own site, The videos are optionally full screen.

The cost? Well, you can watch some for free; in fact, there are whole courses that are free. But with a paid subscription, you can watch them all.

Overall, I think is one of the best sites I’ve stumbled across in a long time. Five stars.