Dark Alley Work in Progress

There’s still quite a bit to do on the ol’ dark alley scene, but here’s a screenshot of what it looks like in Unity now.

Current progress on dark alley

I have completed the fire escape and the orange five gallon bucket. Most of these nice textures I have used so far are from cgtextures.com, which I’ve edited in Gimp. Two of the buildings in the screenshot above are just images from CG Textures, applied to a quad with a generated normal map. Can you guess which ones?

For the buildings nearest to the camera, I originally modeled an entire building for each of them. But since this is an alley scene, I discarded the other three sides of the building, for better optimization and general simplification.

The bucket, unlike the fire escape, was fairly quick and easy to model. It’s just a cylinder with some cuts and some faces extruded. Then I marked a couple edges as seams for the UV map, unwrapped it, and then created the texture. After creating the basic color texture, I baked an AO (ambient occlusion) texture and added that as a layer on top of the color texture, with a multiply blend mode.

Bucket model

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