Modeling a Building

So I’m currently working on creating  an apartment building. I’m about done modeling the main building structure, so all I have left to model is things like gutters, pipes, and the fire escape.

I have two versions of the model: One that has a bunch of subdivs and has 2,646 faces, and one that has been planar decimated and is full of n-gons. The latter is only 563 faces, but as Unity automagically triangulates the model upon import that will probably increase to just over a thousand. Still much better than the first model. Now n-gons are generally not good (see Digital Tutors’ explanation), but game models are automatically triangulated by the engine, so n-gons are usually fine, as long as the engine does a good job with the triangulation. So I’m thinking I’ll use the n-gon model. Should be easier to UV unwrap.

Original model
Ngon model – nice and clean!

What Are Your Thoughts?

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