Making a Successful Indie Game

Can one person really make a whole game by themselves? I think so. How to do it, you wonder? Follow my ten tips below.

#1. Don’t try to do something you know you cant do. We would love to make the next Battlefield 3, but the reality is that an independent game developer will never achieve this. On the other hand, making the next Angry Birds or Temple Run is something an indie developer can do. Don’t be overconfident, but don’t get discouraged. Think big, just not too big. And don’t think art-centric. Think fun-centric.

#2. Use Unity 3d. Unless you really need super high-end graphics which then you would use UDK. But just trust me, you really want to use Unity.

#3. Look at other indie games, like Minecraft. What are they up to? What about them inspires you?

#4. Subscribe to Create3DGames. This might be overly obvious, but just in case you forgot. (Click on the RSS button to subscribe). Do it now. Right now. Okay, next tip…

#5. Be creative. Be the most creative person you know. Creativity = $UCCE$$. Always. Well, usually. Sometimes. Just be original. Don’t be a copycat.

#6. Get your friends to test your game. You need feedback. Lots of it. Release an alpha version online, and a beta version, too.

#7. Develop your idea before you start work on developing the game. Get the game design done before the game development. You need to have a solid story for the game. Do a few sketches of what you want different scenes or levels in the game to look like.

#8. Go for mobile. Smartphone (and tablet) games are becoming very popular, and it also gives you an excuse for not making triple A graphics in your game.

#9. Don’t be afraid to use other people’s stuff in your game. You might have to give them credit or whatever, but for certain things like game music and sound effects, you will probably want to buy those from someone else, unless you can do that stuff yourself. Which most people can’t. Probably because they don’t have a whole orchestra and sound boards and what not.

#10. Don’t give up. Sure, you might fail the first time. But that just means you will do even better next time. Also, whatever assets you make for the game, sell them online. Like if you have a 3d model you made for the game, then sell it on Turbosquid or the Unity Asset Store or something.

Good luck and happy game developing!


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