Exporting from Google Sketchup Free to Unity Free

Lots of people want to know: how do I get my models from Google Sketchup into Unity 3D? The answer is very simple. And here it is.

First, you need a model. I found this cool model on the Google Sketchup 3D Warehouse. Ideally, you’d make your own, but you don’t have to. Also, make sure the model is in the center of your world. Meaning, zero on the x, y, and z coordinates.

Next, export it (File > Export > 3D Model). Note that this is in Sketchup FREE, not PRO. Save it in your assets folder in your Unity project.

Okay, it’ll take a few seconds to import, and here it is! It’ll probably be either extremely huge or microscopicly tiny. So change the scale factor to suit your needs. You can also check the box Optimize Mesh if you want, it’s totally optional.

Put it in your scene and jump for joy. Then go celebrate by playing a game of Halo or something!

Looks a bit menacing, doesn’t he! Well, that’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. I don’t know why everyone has problems getting Sketchup models into Unity. If you have any issues, you might want to play around with the export options when exporting in Google Sketchup. Or comment below and let us help you out!


6 thoughts on “Exporting from Google Sketchup Free to Unity Free

  1. When I follow this tutorial, in Unity I don’t see the model. There is only a blank space in the Unity scene window. Am I missing something?


    1. Make sure you have Unity 3.5 or higher.

      Also, one workaround to that problem is getting Blender 3D, so you can export from Sketchup as DAE, then import that from Blender, then export it from Blender to Unity as an FBX. It works every time.


  2. Actually I’m new to this and I find that to be the wrong way; you would use a 30 day trial version of sketchup pro and export to fbx directly lol


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