What is GUI?

What is GUI?

GUI is an acronym for “graphical user interface“. Now what’s a user interface? TechTerms.com defines user interface as “the means in which a person controls a software application or hardware device.”

A graphical user interface means that you control the software with buttons, menus, dragging and dropping, etc…

So here’s a screenshot of World of Warcraft.

Do you see the GUI?

The chat is GUI, including those arrows and buttons to the left of it.

Everything on the bottom of the screenshot is GUI.

The radar is GUI.

And the profile picture circle thingies with the health bars underneath them are also GUI.

Also stuff like the question mark above that guy’s head is typically GUI, but not always.

Okay, I hope I explained that well.

To use GUI in Unity 3D, simply click GameObject > Create Other > GUI Texture.

Now go make a main menu for your game!


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